1. Q: What are the expected gains using the vacuum pump?

A: Using the vacuum pump for 5-7 days a week the average gains are 1-3 inches in length & thickness within 100-270 days. Permanent gains of up to 5 inches in length & 3 inches in thickness have been developed by dedicated pumpers over a period of many months. The enlargement process can be speeded up by using one or more quality stretching product(s) in addition to pumping.

2. Q: Are the results permanent?

A: Once the Penis Shaft & Penis Head are measured longer these gains are Permanent. Temporary thickness gains will diminish within a few hours after each pumping session. With repeated pumping temporary thickness gains can develop into permanent thickness gains. Some men have developed MASSIVE length and thickness gains by repeatedly pumping the penis with a quality penis pumping system. The penis is a muscle and can be trained to develop much larger if a person repeatedly forces it larger than its normal size.

3. Q: Is their maintenance after reaching a certain size?

A: NO. Once the penis shaft & head are measured to be longer & thicker this is permanent. As some men age they normally lose penis size. In this case periodic Pumping and/or Stretching can negate this loss.

4. Q: How often do I use the vacuum pump?

A: This is entirely up to each individual but excellent gains have been developed from repeated pumping sessions of 1-2 hours a day for 5-7 days a week. The more you pump the more you are forcing cells in the penis to stretch & microscopically tear apart. You can maximize the enlargement process by using a quality stretching product before and/or after pumping. The repair process will occur at night during sleep. Dedicated pumpers may pump up to 8 hours a day as this forces the penis to expand and stay at its maximum size which can greatly speed up the permanent enlargement development of the penis.

5. Q: Should I order a penis stretching system?

A: Not necessary but A penis stretching system gives you an additional advantage for stretching & tearing tough tight penis tissue in adult males. Adding this step to your workout can GREATLY help you speed up the enlargement process. The repeated effect of forcing penis tissue to stretch to its maximum length with traction or weight is HIGHLY effective at lengthening penis tissue. Do this or in addition to Vacuum Pumping and you will be able to keep your penis stretched out easily and effortlessly for long periods of time for the easiest & fastest penis enlargement.

6. Q: Can the penis head get larger?

A: The penis gland or head is very difficult to enlarge. The head in some men swells very quickly while in most men the skin is not as expansive and takes longer to develop.

7. Q: Why is the battery operated pump recommended?

A: The battery operated pump provides a more constant steady flow of vacuum pressure & thus a more effective pumping session. Fresh airflow is continually being created in the cylinder. The fresh airflow stimulates circulation of continual fresh blood flow which is critical for maximum engorgement of the penis. You can keep the cylinder on the penis the entire pumping session instead of having to take off the cylinder & massaging fresh blood flow into the penis as you have to do with a manual pump. We HIGHLY recommend the battery operated pump. This pump also works great with the Penis.

8. Q: Are cylinders easy to clean?

A: All cylinders are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Made of 100% crystal clear, strong polycarbonate they come in 2 styles. The most popular style is rimless and has a comfort  cushion on the bottom edge of the cylinder. The second style has a rimmed edge on the bottom. A third style is made of acrylic and tapers smaller toward the top.

9. Q: What are the penis stretchers used for?

A: A quality penis stretcher is a excellent device for stretching the penis easily, safely & comfortably.  It allows one to stretch the penis efficiently without having to stretch thousands of times manually by hand. It also allows one to stretch the penis more effectively than one can do manually. With tension and/or weight one can force the perfect stretch on the penis and keep this stretch on the penis for minutes up to hours. This can greatly speed up penis lengthening development

10. Q: How does the vacuum pump work?

A: The vacuum pump creates vacuum pressure which comfortably & enjoyably keeps the penis stretched out longer & wider than its normal size. The penis can stretch to monstrous sizes when pumping for long periods of time. The cells in the penis will slowly & gently tear apart over time & new cells will grow in.

11. Q: If I am not seeing enlargement gains fast enough, are their special tips?

A: Yes, use your equipment more frequently & for more time during each workout. Try to exercise, pump & hang weight on the penis everyday for at least 1-2 hours. Always be sure your penis is warm when you pump & always try to be excited and aroused while you pump. When pumping always make sure you have a good seal using Lube & start with low pressure (2-5lbs). Then increase 1-2 lbs at a time to the highest level which is comfortable for you. Remember with the vacuum pump you are SLOWLY & GENTLY trying to keep the penis stretched out as long & wide as possible.

12. Q: Is the pump safe?

A: The vacuum pump are FDA approved as a safe medical device. There are virtually no side effects.

13. Q: Can the pump help impotence?

A: Yes, the vacuum pump will strengthen the erection and is the number one, approved method to use for impotence.

14. Q: Can the pump help prevent premature ejaculation?

A: Yes, the vacuum pump will help resolve premature ejaculation. Use the penis cylinders just before you have sex. The vacuum pump pressure will desensitize the penis shaft temporarily and slow down the entire ejaculation process.

15. Q: Can the vacuum pump help a curved or crooked penis?

A: Yes, by using the vacuum pump before you have sex, it will immediately help straighten the penis. Also, on a long-term basis, the repeated use can help straighten out the penis permanently.

16. Q: What age or type of men uses the vacuum pump?

A: All men of all ages order the vacuum pump. This includes straight men, gay men, high-income men and low-income men. Body builders and jocks especially enjoy using the vacuum pump.

17. Q: Does the pump feel good and will it make me over-ejaculate?

A: Although the purpose of the vacuum pump is to enlarge the penis, the electric pump can be used for masturbation. By itself it does not cause one to ejaculate.

18. Q: Can I use the pump if I am not circumcised?

A: It makes no difference whether you are circumcised or not.

19.Q: What is the average size of a man's penis?

A: Generally most men are between 6 - 7 inches. The average circumference is 5.5 inches.

20. Q: What if I get slight swelling under the penis head after using the vacuum pump?

A: The swelling under the penis head is a temporary condition. Many men who pump enjoy swelling the penis substantially.

21. Q: Should I have the penis enlargement surgery?

A: This is up to each individual. The surgery costs between $5,000 to $7,000. Some people are not happy with the surgery results. However the penis lengthening surgery can be very beneficial. The surgery cuts & frees the ligaments which attach the penis to the pubic bone. Once freed you can stretch the portion of the penis which is up inside the body. Without the surgery you cannot stretch this portion of the penis. One can use a vacuum pump and a quality stretching device with or without surgery. With the surgery you are able to stretch the portion of the penis inside your body as well as the portion which hangs outside your body. Normally this speeds up the lengthening process.

22. Q: If I had the penis enlargement surgery can I use the pump?

A: Yes, the vacuum pump can be used after 8 weeks of having the surgery. We highly recommend the electric pump as it is more efficient. Use minimum pressure before increasing. You should see an additional increase in girth in 8-10 weeks.

23. Q: If I have genital implants, can I use the pump?

A: No, if you have any type of implants in your penis, do not use the vacuum pump. However, if you have implants in your scrotum only, you can use the penis cylinder. Always check with your physician first.

24. Q: If I have a blood clotting disease, is it ok to use the pump?

A: No, hemophiliacs or any individual with blood clotting disorders should never use the vacuum pump.

25. Q: Is the equipment mailed discreetly?

A: All equipment is sent in a plain box. Nothing is marked on the outside but the Company name. If you are not available at the time of delivery, the mail carrier will leave a note for you to pick up the equipment at there station. Often, equipment is left at your front door.

26. Q: Should I order a hand pump and an electric pump?

We HIGHLY recommend ordering both. While the electric pump is better for developing gains there are times when it is a MUST to use the manual pump. If you do not want to make any noise or you want to take your pump with you the manual pump is perfect.

27. Q: What is the minimum I need to order?

A: We have a $18.00 minimum order.

28. Q: What are the erection constrictors used for?

A: The erections constrictors are used for people who suffer from impotence or just want a stronger and firmer erection. Use the erection constrictor during sex. Never sleep with them on or wear them longer then 30 minutes.

29. Q: Is my penis shorter than when I was 21 years old and will the vacuum pump make it bigger?

A: Most men as they age into their late 30's suffer from penis shrinkage. The vacuum pump in time will bring the penis back to the size where you were at age 21.

30. Q: Will the pump cause impotence, or will I become more dependent on the pump for getting an erection?

A: Absolutely not. The pump will not hurt or hinder the erection. You will not become dependent on using the pump for an erection.

31. Q: How long does shipping take?

A: We normally ship out all products within 2 business days. It then normally takes 4-6 days for orders from Pakistan and Bangladesh depending on the exact location. Orders to All other countries can take up to 3 weeks depending on Customs clearance & new shipping laws. Please allow up to 20 days for completion of orders.

Please be aware that we are not responsible for delays in shipping once we have shipped the items. If items are on back order we will normally ship out items in stock & ship back ordered items separately. All boxes are addressed properly but do not indicate the items inside. We indicate items on shipping invoices only.

Note: Prices and designs may changed without any advance notice.

 Notice: Prices and model name may change any time without prior notice.