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Add extra inches to your penis length and girth permanently


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Penis Extender Large

Supports 3.0" up to 14" of length

2 Top end pieces extra

10 pieces 10 mm

6 pieces 20 mm

4 pieces 40 mm

Extra 2 Nos. Tension springs
Price US$ 95.00/set for abroad customers

Price in Pakistan Rupee 7400/= /set with FREE home delivery.


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Enlargement is now quick and safe, thanks to the revolutionary new penis extender Golden-L it is gold plated for safety.

This fully guaranteed and inexpensive development will soon add inches to both

the length and girth of your penis


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How Golden Extender Large Works?


By applying a continuous, gentle pull to the penis, encourages the body to create new tissue in order to relieve the pressure.  This principle of traction lengthens and thickens the penis naturally and permanently and without any side effects.  Two most important factors that determine how much and how fast penile tissue will grow are the amount of tension applied and the amount of time spent. Please note you should measure at

least 3-4 inches on erect state to start using this device.


Following the Guide comes with our Extender, tips and safety directions will help you make your penis increase quickly more comfortably, easy and risk-free within 3-4 months.

Most guys with a small penis are usually embarrassed and lack confidence about it. Even though it is a hidden part of the body, when male ego is concerned, the size of their proof of manhood matters a lot. The best extender is a matter of debate as all companies claim to be the most efficient. There is a tough competition too, and every company wants to prove better than the best. Due to such competitive tread and forceful attitude, the quality of penis extenders has been compromised. However, you can still find a quality product if you know how to choose it right.

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Not necessary that a big body man owns big penis

It is very important to understand what is a penis extender – also called penis traction device or penis stretcher? It is basically a device that works by following the traction principle if you have learnt in your school days. Traction is a method, commonly used in cases of orthopedic surgery. However, that is not its only function. It works in such a way so that the body cells can multiply and start growing when a certain amount of calculated traction is applied to some part of the body.


This results in cell multiplication, which causes growth of body tissues. When this force is applied to the male organ, the traction device exerts measures traction force, which is safe, over the penis. This encourages cell multiplication and leads to growth of tissues.


However, the only thing to mention is the amount of traction that is being applied over this vital organ. Because many companies don’t know what should be the material and springs force used in manufacturing of Extender, our Golden or silver extenders are prepared under a quality control system. Moreover, the number of success stories and forum posts has further made it more believable and reliable.


Any bad news

While all seems to be good about the best extender, there are some factors of concern too. There are concerns related to the comfort of wearing this device and related to the cost.

First of all, you will have to wear the extender device on the penis for long hours. It can become extremely awkward initially, but men get used to it. Our sophisticated devices are easier to wear; once worn, there is no way it will become obvious. However, the discomfort during initial days is something to worry about.

Satisfactory big penis size provide happiness in Couples

The price of penis extenders varies largely. There is nothing called a cheap penis extender. The price of this device is always on the higher side. Because it claims to give you permanent results, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $400.


But our Extenders are US$ 75.00 to US$ 95.00

Pak Rupees 7400.00 including courier charges (with in Pakistan only)


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 Notice: Prices and model name may change any time without prior notice.