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Massager Enhancer Bra.

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Using low frequency and modulating current and powerful vibrating massage balls impulse to stimulate female's breast Light and small, easy to grip and use
Convenient to use at home, instead of going to beauty parlor
Using 30 minutes every day continuously for about one month, obvious hunch available It is effective to slimming planar and small breasts


1.The vibrating massage accelerates the blood circulation of the breast improves mammary glands secretion to enlarge the breast help to curve body then solve the flat trouble.

2.Resume the elasticity of the breast for women especially for the sagging breast after parturition.

3.Improve the sexuality of middle-age woman while enlarge and health care of their breast.

4.Prevent of dysmenorrhoea and menstrual cycle syndrome by improving of the incretion.

5.Re-balance the endocrine disorder prevent the breast lump.

6.Postpone senility leaves women's menopause coming.


FOB Price in UD$ 120.00 for abroad customers

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