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B 52 improved formula for sex impotency


All natural herbal formula, No chemical, No medicine, No side effects


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Almost a half of all female population all over the world encounters certain sexual problems of different kinds. Sexual dysfunction in women is primarily reflected in the lack of sexual desire, inability to reach orgasm or maintain the arousal.


No desire for sex is one of the most typical problems but it doesn’t mean that no solution exists. It is generally accompanied by the lack of lubrication leading to physical discomfort and dissatisfaction.

This is especially true with women going through hormonal change or menopause that become reasons behind libido drops and decreased passion.


However, it is not the end of the world as going through another phase in your development can be comforted with the latest enhancements of medicine B 52 IMPROVED FORMULA is herbal medicine equally works in men and women.


Pills in female starts acting in 30 minutes after the intake, and the duration lasts for 4-6 hours depending on your body peculiarities.


Pills for female is available for you to try out. The drug will exclusively act in the area of clitoris (corpora cavernosa) increasing the probability of friction and therefore leading to orgasm. Nevertheless, you need to remember that the majority of your sexual activity problems are caused by psychological discomforts.


You need to develop deeper emotions, for hard erection and women libido the Herbal product can help to bring out from your problem.


Ginki Biloba
Agnus Cast
Abal Ser

Piece Rs. 1500/= 20 Pills box including courier charges

 Delivery in 3 working days (Free Delivery any where In Pakistan only)

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Quantity:   Purchase Now


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