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Latest Ionic ultrasonic facial machine

Period Warranty: 1 year warranty

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PKR 10,500.00

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Function Feature:

Beauty equipment  for home and beauty parlors
1).Keep skin moisture. 

2).Improve blood circulation 

3).Remove eczema 

4).resist melanin 

5).Resist acne regenerating 

6).whitening skin 

7).Tighten pore and skin 

8). make skin smoother 

9).Remove wrinkle 

10).make skin balance 1

1) Ultrasonic cleaning out function: deep cleansing toxins, discharge blackheads, prevent Acne.

12) Ultrasonic deep lead in function: 5 times absorption for your skin, , make your nutrition take care skin effectively.

13) Ultrasonic compact skin function; smooth the eye pouch, down wrinkles, compact and moisture skin  

14) Ultrasonic fat burning function: Burning Fat, slimming face and body, to prevent the accumulation of fat



Name: Non-Rechargeable Ultrasonic Ionic Beauty machine
Size: 18*4*3.5CM
Product N.W: 294.5g
Working Principle: 3MHz Ultrasonic + 3 color Photon (Red, Blue)+Gavanic Ion
House Material: ABS
Product color: White, Red; (other color is available depend on MOQ 1000pcs)
Main Function: Ultrasonic massage and lead in nutrition for skin
Tighten skin, face lift
Deep cleansing skin to extract harmful substance out skin
Resist Acne and pimple regeneration
Prevent Wrinkle appear
Application: Family use/home use
Advantage: Small type, easy to carry
Lower price than big beauty machine
Personal use, can make skin beauty any time by oneself
Save cost, no need to pay much more money to Beautician
Certificates: CE / ROHS / ISO
Power: Input :AC100-240V
Output: DC15V400mA
Accessories: Power Plug; Manual book

Package: 1pc/Gift box

Gift box size: 18 x 4 x3.5cm

Product weight: 194.7g

Period Warranty: 1 year warranty

FOB Price in UD$ 95.00 for abroad customers

 PKR 10,500.00



Breast Developer Enhancer and Massager 3 in 1

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Price PKR. 11,000.00 (Out of Stock)

1. High-technology micro-biologic electric theory to stimulate female hormone and pregnant hormone on the breast. Wake up breast-grow, promote adolescaria breast rear, recover the prolapsed and deformation caused by suckle


2. via the electromagnet wave massage breast ,stimulate breast to erect the chest. Remodel Female sex figure, make the small breast bigger, erect the prolapsed breast, promote the breast to grow completely, recover the female graceful bearing after suckling

3. easy to operate, convenience to use ,

4. convenience to carry and store

5. send a breast paste , use them in the same time. more effect

1.Adopt hi-tech micro bioelectricity theory
2.Electronic impulse massager for breasts stimulate estrogen and hormone
3.Promote complete development of breasts during adolescence
4.Help mothers rebuild breasts after lactation
5.Automatically switch off system to save the batteries.


FOB Price in UD$ 99.00 for abroad customers

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Massager Enhancer Bra.

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PKR 12,860.00 (Out of Stock)

Using low frequency and modulating current and powerful vibrating massage balls impulse to stimulate female's breast Light and small, easy to grip and use
Convenient to use at home, instead of going to beauty parlor
Using 30 minutes every day continuously for about one month, obvious hunch available It is effective to slimming planar and small breasts


1.The vibrating massage accelerates the blood circulation of the breast improves mammary glands secretion to enlarge the breast help to curve body then solve the flat trouble.

2.Resume the elasticity of the breast for women especially for the sagging breast after parturition.

3.Improve the sexuality of middle-age woman while enlarge and health care of their breast.

4.Prevent of dysmenorrhoea and menstrual cycle syndrome by improving of the incretion.

5.Re-balance the endocrine disorder prevent the breast lump.

6.Postpone senility leaves women's menopause coming.


FOB Price in UD$ 120.00 for abroad customers

Order Now: PKR 12,860.00 (Out of Stock)


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Breast Enlargement & Enhancement  system (BE-Twin)

An Amazing equipment for woman beauty and beauty parlors


Price US$ 50.00/set

Price: Pak Rs. 5300/= Free Home Delivery in  Pakistan


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Breast enlargement & Enhancement Twin system Approved from FDA ,USA

This highly effective breast enlargement vacuum system is perfect if you are looking to increase the size of your breasts. Regular use stimulates blood circulation which results in tighter, larger and sexy breasts. The system allows you to grow the size of your breasts smoothly and evenly.  Complete kit supplied with a very nice carrying case.


System works for:

1- Sagging or shrinking of breast with age.
2- Loosening of Breast after pregnancy and feeding the child.
3- Weakness of mammary glands.
4- Very little or almost no development of Breasts due to lesser production of female
    hormones at puberty.
5- For the treatment of the Breasts area and flabby breasts.
6- Depressed Nipples.
7- Female frigidity.
8- For beautifying yourself and becoming more attractive.
9- Lifting up and tightening the breast line.
       watch video how it works

If all these qualities of our products can help to solve your issue please purchase it.


(with 6 cups V adopter, Vacuum Pump, connection pipes and English user manual

Price US$ 50.00/set




Breast Enlargement & Enhancement  system (BE-1)

Price US$ 25.00/set (3 cups Printed Instruction Manual (English)

Price in Pakistan Rupee 2500/= /set Free Home Delivery in  Pakistan

watch video how it works

How does our breast enlargement system work?

Like any tissue in the body, when it is exercised and blood flow is encouraged, it will enlarge. This super effective breast enlargement system will result in firmer and fuller breasts, who uses this breast enlargement pump system find a regular stimulation of the breast tissue signals the pituitary gland to increase the production and release of the female hormones responsible for breast growth. Then, by gently stretching breast tissue repeatedly the breasts are said to respond by soft tissue expansion. This is an easy to use breast enlargement system that fits snugly over both breasts, has three  vacuum cups for step by step or desired enlargement a quick release pressure valve system giving you maximum control and allowing for easy removal. One size fits all and the pump is made in a very comfortable material. Pump away and watch your breasts grow before your eyes!

How To Use Breast Enlargement Pumps

Breast enlargement pumps are the perfect treatment for women who want fuller and supple breasts without the pains and health problems associated with surgery. This ultimate breast enlargement pump consists of a pump attached to specially designed cylinders. Each of the cups should be attached to the breasts and manually pumped up to a pressure you are comfortable with. It is recommended that your repeat this procedure for 15 minutes twice a day to produce the best results.

The external pressure creates a suction by which the breasts are pulled away from the body. This very simple but highly effective process increases vacuums of fat and fluids which in turn makes them flow into the breast tissue cells causing them to enlarge. Breast enlargement pumps also help build and expand the mammary gland tissue by stimulating a balanced natural hormone level and encourage increased production of collagen to provide fuller and firmer breasts.

Regular stimulation of the breast tissue by using the breast enlargement pump induces the pituitary gland to increase the production and release of the female hormones responsible for enhanced breast growth. Besides, regular stimulation and the gentle stretching of the breast repeatedly promotes new cellular growth and enlarges the breasts. The process works in the same manner as regular exercising does for muscle growth.

Many customers have reported that prolonged use of breast enlargement pumps has increased their breast size by as much as 2 cups. Some have also reported an increase by a cup size within three weeks.

Never use breast pumps for more than 15 minutes twice a day.

Price US$ 25.00/set (3 cups Printed Instruction Manual (English)

Price in Pakistan Rupee 2500/= /set Free Home Delivery in  Pakistan.




Spanish Fly for women; Female Enhancement

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What Effect Does Spanish Fly Has On Women And How Is It To Be Used To Be Effective If It Was Drops?

FOB Price in UD$ 25.00 for abroad customers

PKR 2000.00

Free Home Delivery in  Pakistan 


Spanish fly acts as an enhancer of the female libido and is taken by females to help them achieve better arousal levels and better orgasms.

When it used in drop form, it can be used in medicine as a topical application for treatment of benign epithelial growths including most warts. They are also used in incense in Santeria. Spanish fly can be taken in liquid form, with as many as 10-15 drops enough to act as a sexual stimulant when mixed with water.

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