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Manual penis therapy systems for men


Price in Pakistan Rupee 3000/= /set with home delivery


Erectile Dysfunction and penis enlargement.


Using vacuum Erection Therapy:

The steps below show how to gain and maintain an erection with a vacuum erection therapy system.               

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Add extra inches to your penis length and girth permanently

Penis Extender Large

Supports 3.0" up to 14" of length

2 Top end pieces extra

10 pieces 10 mm

6 pieces 20 mm

4 pieces 40 mm

Extra 2 Nos. Tension springs

Price US$ 95.00/set for abroad customers

Price in Pakistan Rupee 7500/= /set with FREE home delivery.


Enlargement is now quick and safe, thanks to the revolutionary new penis extender Golden-L it is gold plated for safety.

This fully guaranteed and inexpensive development will soon add inches to both

the length and girth of your penis


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Not necessary that a big body man owns enough big penis


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Price in Pak Rs. 3500.00 with Free home delivery any where in Pakistan

Price in USD 35.00 EXW


Our Jelq Device supplied with a printed user manual and CD, videos in CD will guide you correct use & procedure to get fast  results

Introducing the JELQ Device

The JELQ Device is a revolutionary
penis enlargement device designed to help effectively and perform penile fitness exercises to increase the length and girth of the penis.

The JELQ Device was first introduced over 3 years ago, and has since gained popularity with men from around the world.

In March, 2004 a study of 380 JELQ Device users was conducted. The results were astonishing. 82% of all JELQ Device users achieved a permanent increase in erect penile length and girth.

The JELQ Device has been approved by Medical Doctors for use by their patients, and has been recommended in countless articles.

Also Very effective tool to massage after the use of penis  Extender

or penis enlargement pump that will boost the enlargement results.

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Set supplied with a special gel, User manual and Instructions video CD

Price in Pak Rs. 3500.00 with Free home delivery any where in Pakistan



 Notice: Prices and model name may change any time without prior notice.