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Breast Developer Enhancer and Massager 3 in 1

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1. High-technology micro-biologic electric theory to stimulate female hormone and pregnant hormone on the breast. Wake up breast-grow, promote adolescaria breast rear, recover the prolapsed and deformation caused by suckle


2. via the electromagnet wave massage breast ,stimulate breast to erect the chest. Remodel Female sex figure, make the small breast bigger, erect the prolapsed breast, promote the breast to grow completely, recover the female graceful bearing after suckling

3. easy to operate, convenience to use ,

4. convenience to carry and store

5. send a breast paste , use them in the same time. more effect

1.Adopt hi-tech micro bioelectricity theory
2.Electronic impulse massager for breasts stimulate estrogen and hormone
3.Promote complete development of breasts during adolescence
4.Help mothers rebuild breasts after lactation
5.Automatically switch off system to save the batteries.


FOB Price in UD$ 99.00 for abroad customers

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